Client: Port st. John
Status: ongoing

Project Scope

  • Extension of Rodney Marginal Wharf to Pier 1 to berth vessels up to the New Panamax size classification (up to 366 m long and 49 m width).
  • Deepening and widening of the main channel to facilitate access for larger vessels.
  • Addition of two new on-dock tracks combined with existing trackage to provide increased rail capacity.
  • Improvements to the existing terminal access road and container yard to improve truck flow and increase operational efficiency.

Project Highlights Include the supply and install of:

  • Supply and installed approx. 1,400 meters of 1.219 mm diameter pipe piles.
  • Supplied and installed approx. 820 meters of AZ26 steel sheet piling.
  • Supplied and installed 1,700 cubic meters of tremie concrete.
  • Supplied and installed 470 cubic meters of cast-in-place concrete.
  • Supplied and installed 20 precast concrete deck panels.
  • Supplied and installed 375 square meters of CIP deck concrete.
  • Suppled and installed 100T and 200T bollards.
  • Suppled, installed and removed 195 square meters of EFCO concrete deck formwork.
  • Installed three temporary fender panels on adjacent concrete caisson.
  • Installed five temporary blasting mat fenders on fender pile structure.