Heavy CiviL, Industrial, Services & Maintenance, Marine. Four divisions united by our passion to deliver the best solutions, service and quality.

Our Corporate offices, specialty shops and support facilities are based in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, and surrounding area, but our reach and presence spans across Canada, with an objective to build better communities everywhere in which we work.

Pennecon’s services and projects in heavy civil, industrial, service, maintenance, and marine is building a better Canada. The foundation of our business rests on our dedicated employees who commit to providing superior service and exceptional products to every client and customer.

Our team, a diverse group of highly skilled professionals, skilled trades people and technicians, are our greatest asset. Their unwavering emphasis on safety, professionalism and efficiency in every project, large or small, has built a business that makes us proud.

Heavy Civil

With over a 30 year history in the construction industry, Pennecon Heavy Civil has developed an unrivaled reputation built on hard work, passion, and a can-do attitude.


Powered by a commitment to quality and exceptional service, Pennecon Industrial offers expertise in the areas of steel fabrication, mechanical and electrical construction, and welding.

Services & Maintenance

Pennecon Services & Maintenance prides itself on innovation, problem solving, and making things happen. Our experienced team has a long history of working on elite world-class projects, and we’re passionate about achieving superior quality, detailed execution, and unmatched results.


Specializing in heavy industrial and logistical services to Newfoundland and Labrador’s marine and offshore oil industries, Pennecon’s 14-acre marine base is the closest ice-free, deep-water port to the Grand Banks oil fields.

Pennecon Offices