A synchronous condenser facility that will maintain stability of the power system from Muskrat Falls. It is located 30km west of St Johns Newfoundland. The scope of work includes all electrical, communications systems, Mechanical fabrication, installation, commissioning activities and site services for the project.


  • Fabrication and installation of piping systems. Which include Cooling water, Hydrogen, CO2, Fire water, lube oil and compressed air.
  • Placement of large electrical and mechanical items, i.e. cooling water towers, IPB, Switch gear and Transformers.
  • Installation and termination of high voltage cabling and equipment, installation and grounding of all equipment and cable tray systems.
  • Installation and termination of low voltage power cables, control, protection and automation cables between equipment and control room.
  • Installation and termination of Batteries and UPS equipment
  • Installation of Mechanical skids and performed tie ins.
  • Replacement of bearings in all 3 Synchronous condensers.
  • Commissioning of all electrical and Mechanical systems.