Client: Nalcor
Status: To be Completed July 2019

The Barnard Pennecon Limited Partnership (BPLP) Muskrat Falls Project consists of the construction of the South Dam, which is a 20 meter high, 325m long, earth filled dam. This project also includes the construction of the North Dam, which is a 32 meter high and 432m long, compacted concrete (RCC) dam – making it one of the largest roller compact concrete dams in Canada.

This remote and challenging project also includes:

  • the construction and removal of a 115m single-span temporary access bridge
  • quarry development
  • aggregate production
  • concrete production
  • extensive dewatering
  • establishment and decommissioning of sedimentation ponds construction
  • construction of permanent site access roads
  • installation of geotechnical instrumentation
  • site restoration