Client: Hibernia Management and Development Corporation
Status: completed


The client’s operators identified a safety alert in regards to the safe operation of both the Hibernia Platform’s BOP Cranes stemming from the increasingly larger footprint equipment that was being handled by the cranes. The larger equipment, with a footprint exceeding the BOP itself, presented a safety issue as there was a pilot hydraulic pendant to control the cranes that was attached to the crane trolley, which unsafely limited the distance that operators could maintain from the centerline of any suspended load.

our solution:

Design, fabricate, install and commission a replacement control system for each BOP Crane to address the safety concern raised and to update the system to 2021 level of control and reliability. The system was designed by PHS with input and supply from Pennecon Technical Services Limited (“PTS”) for the control infrastructure. The replacement control systems consisted of:

  • New Electro-Hydraulic Valves to replace the existing Pilot Hydraulic Units
  • Replacement control stations for each crane
  • New power supplies for each BOP Crane
  • Radio remote control system with individual and distinct frequencies for each crane to ensure no interference
  • Emergency Pilot Hydraulic Control System for each crane to ensure full redundancy in the event of a radio system or electro-hydraulic control system failure
  • Equipment designed and selected to meet the requirements for CSA Class 1, Division 1 Hazardous area
  • Full design verification approval by Lloyds Register, as Certifying Authority for Hibernia.