Pennecon Hydraulic Systems (“PHS”) has a long history of preforming extensive mechanical equipment rebuilds on behalf of our clients and various Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”). For a significant amount of equipment in use in Newfoundland and Labrador offshore oil industry, the reduction of OEM presence in the region has presented a local service gap. PHS has been endeavoring to fill this gap by offering the industry the option of local, cost-competitive, quality rebuild services to factory OEM specifications, with the added option of providing full function testing on rebuild.


  • Received units at Pennecon Hydraulic Systems workshop in Paradise, NL.
  • Conducted baseline surveys and documentation of as-found equipment condition, including routing of all hydraulic tubing, hoses, and electrical cables to facilitate replicating the routing during the re-build phase.
  • Disassembled unit, including all hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical components, leaving only structural components in place.
  • Shipped structural to subcontractor for reconditioning (blast and paint).
  • Assessed the condition of the hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical components – As needed either replaced, reused, or reconditioned all items.
  • Restated all hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical components on re-conditioned structure.
  • Reassembled upper and lower sections c/w pipe elevators to allow for function testing.
  • Completed operational function test as witnessed by client and Lloyds Registry.
  • Disassembled upper and lower sections in preparation for shipping to offshore load-out site.
  • Mobilized technicians to offshore load-out site in Argentia, NL to reassemble upper and lower sections in order to re-function test prior to shipping offshore.

Highlights include:

  • Successful operational function test on the first attempt, with no punch list.
  • Re-build labor estimates (pre scope additions) were maintained on budget.
  • Additional client requests were accepted and completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.