Kaitlin Coombs

Vice President Project Controls & Cost Management (Heavy Civil)

Kaitlin Coombs, as the Vice President of Project Controls & Cost Management (Heavy Civil) at Pennecon, brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence in managing complex engineering projects. With a diverse educational background and a proven track record, Kaitlin is a driving force behind the success of Pennecon’s Heavy Civil endeavors.

Education and Professional Designations: Kaitlin graduated from Memorial University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, earning her Professional Engineer (P. Eng) designation. Her academic journey continued with an MBA in 2020, complementing her technical skills with strategic management insights. Additionally, her commitment to sustainable energy is underscored by her pursuit of a Master of Sustainability degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

Professional Journey: Beginning her career with Pennecon in 2014, Kaitlin has been an instrumental part of various projects, including the Hebron Project, hydro generation initiatives, wind energy projects, and more. Her prior experience at Woodgroup PSN (now Wood) on the Terra Nova FPSO contract provided her with a strong foundation in project controls.

Leadership Role and Responsibilities: In her role as Vice President, Kaitlin holds overall responsibility and management of all Heavy Civil Project Controls and Cost Management reporting. Collaborating closely with Site Project Managers, she undertakes the following responsibilities:

  • Develops and implements standardized project controls and cost management processes across all Heavy Civil Projects to manage budgets and schedules.
  • Ensures project controls alignment between estimating and execution phases.
  • Collaborates on project schedule development and updating, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Works collaboratively on project budgets and cost accounts for optimal financial management.
  • Oversees internal tracking of progress and cost execution.
  • Identifies and facilitates the resolution of issues of concern, ensuring seamless project flow.
  • Monitors project cost, identifies trends, and provides accurate forecasting.
  • Standardizes internal reporting for both schedule and cost, ensuring clarity and transparency.
  • Oversees and manages the Scheduling function to optimize project timelines.
  • Provides comprehensive support to all Project Teams, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Kaitlin continues to play a pivotal role in elevating Pennecon’s project management standards, contributing to the company’s reputation for excellence in the Heavy Civil sector. Her dedication to standardized processes, financial efficiency, and sustainable practices positions her as a key leader in Pennecon’s continued success.

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