As we enter 2023, Pennecon Hydraulic Systems Limited (PHS), continues to increase our distributorship relationships. This will PHS add to a growing suite of services and supply offerings, providing opportunities and solutions within our client base.

Our promise is to deliver customized solutions at a reasonable price that provides a desirable product and will take strides to work with the client and supplier to ensure that delivery, price and quality is met. We will create value-added packages that complement PHS’ wide array of capabilities.

To date, PHS has developed and continues to grow relationships with:

Palfinger Marine (Cranes and Deck Equipment)

  • Supply, Service and Maintenance of Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes, Stiff Boom, Telescope Boom, Knuckle Boom, Travelling, Wire Luffing Lattice Boom, AHC, Fixed Boom and Stock Cranes suitable for various industries such as Marine & Offshore, Defense, Aquaculture, Wind and others.

Parker Racor

  • A wide array of filters to support water separator filtration systems that provide maximum protection of diesel engine components by effectively removing contaminants from fuel, such as water, silica, sand, dirt and rust.

Parker Hannifin

  • Supply, repair and overhaul capabilities to support the broadest range of hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-mechanical, filtration, process control, fluid and gas handling products within Canada.

Parker VMT

  • Offering water filtration products and service suitable for applications within various industries including Marine, Oil & Gas, Defense, and Industrial.


  • Supply, Installation and Service of of valves, tube and pipe supports.

Tube Mac Industries

  • Non- welded piping systems that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

CC Jensen

  • CJC Filters help to preserve the planet through reduced oil consumption, contributing to reduced CO2 footprint. They ensure continuous clean and dry oil, increased uptime, extended component and oil lifetime, resulting in savings on our clients maintenance costs. All of which lead to reduced environmental impact due to the many liters of waste oil saved each year. Environmental impact due to the energy savings, GHG reduction and many liters.


  • Provider of hydraulic cylinders, values and pumps.

Bifold Group

  • Supplier for hydraulic and pneumatic stainless steel directional control valves and accessories for hazardous, corrosive and subsea environments.


  • Supply and Rental of Bolting Equipment including Torque wrenches up to 28,000 ft-lbs, Tensioners, Subsea downline reels, and connectors. Capability to provide Hydraulic Bolting and Machining Services which include:
    • Flange Management Services
    • Controlled Bolting Services
    • In Situ Machining Services
    • Full Document package delivery

TWG Winches Pull Master / Lantec

  • Local suppliers and service center for TWG winches, hoists and hydraulic pump systems, offering reliable efficient solutions.

Sleipner Thrusters

  • Supply and Support for a various range of hydraulic thrusters.

MP Filtri

  • Supply a wide range of products for all hydraulic and lubrication mobile & industrial applications using filters, elements and accessories.

Hy Lok

  • Supply of products for leak-tight integrity and reliable performance for various industries including oil and gas, hydrogen, instrumentation, mining, food processing, and agriculture. These products include; Hy-Lok tube & pipe fittings, ball & needle valves, inline filters, and hoses.

Anchor Fluid Power

  • Supply of high quality flanges, split flange adaptors, quick couplings, test point and hoses, weld couplings, ball valves, and inline vales for Hydraulic Systems.


  • Authorized Enerpac Industrial Tool Distributor and Rental/Service Facility for a wide array of product including Hydraulic/Electric/Manual Cutters, Hydraulic Bolting Tools, Hydraulic Gantry Product Lines, Split Flow Pumps, Lifting Systems, Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Cylinders and Jacks, Skidding Systems, and Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners.

To learn more, connect with a PHS representative HERE.