Health and Safety

Keeping our people and communities safe is our top priority. We’re relentlessly committed to protecting ourselves, our colleagues, and the environments in which we work.

At Pennecon, we’ve built our business on active participation by everyone, every day, in every job to achieve safety excellence. We promote a zero incident policy for employees, subcontractors, property and the environment. Every employee, at every level, is responsible and accountable for our safety initiatives.

We believe sound health and safety performance is fundamental to our successful business performance, and we commit to minimizing the risks of injury or ill health to people and damage to property or business processes. Our safety performance requires establishing procedures and programs, conducting training, contractor-employee involvement, routine self-evaluation and continuous improvement. We strive to incorporate recognized best practices into every program, seek input from all of our resources for improvement, and evaluate the application and success of programs on an ongoing basis.


At Pennecon, we know we have to stay innovative, energetic, and adaptive. Backed by solid management systems, everyday we work to improve product and performance. Our commitment to these systems assure that our projects are safe, on schedule, on budget, and meet regulatory requirements.

Through employee training and education, we aspire to exceed client expectations, and industry standards and look to strengthen our workforce today and tomorrow. We believe our strong team of internal quality control personnel are industry leaders and with every hand on every tool focused on attaining the highest standards, our clients and partners can be sure we are delivering the best product, performance and value in the industry.

We have several divisions registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard, and this System outlines the organizational structure, responsibilities, processes and resources to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement.


Job performance isn’t just about quality service and meeting client expectations, it’s also about protecting the environments and communities in which we work. At Pennecon, always improving our environmental performance is a fundamental part of building our business. On each project we work to meet and exceed environmental regulations/requirements and these environmental considerations are weaved throughout initial project planning, operations and decommissioning. We promote sustainable development through pollution prevention, waste minimization and recycling, wherever possible, and we’ve developed systems and teams to support our commitment to the environment.

Our environmental management team provides direction and guidance on every project to ensure that our work is planned, designed, and constructed to be consistent with our Environmental Policy and our goal of environmental excellence.

Safety Awards

    • Natural Resources Magazine 2018 Industry Excellence Award for Health and Safety. Read more.
    • Award of Excellence for Environmental Leadership & Innovation from the Heavy Civil Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (HCANL)
    • Award of Excellence for Safety from the Heavy Civil Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (HCANL)
    • Winner of 10 Silver Coin Awards from ExxonMobil for our dedication to safety on the Hebron Project


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