• 5Ha (16 Acres) laydown area
  • Three berths with heavy lift concrete reinforced crane pads
  • Obstacle and ice-free port
  • 1,400m2of onsite warehouse
  • On-site fabrication shop
  • Conveniently located 2km from Grand Banks Warehouse
  • Experience and available workforce under LIUNA
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) certified
  • Mobilization and Logistical support for large offshore subsea construction campaigns
  • Exploration well drilling programs
  • Receiving heavy specialized components (i.e. Power transformers, subsea flowlines)
  • Offloading bulk material (i.e. drill pipe, cement)
  • Loading of quarried rock for subsea flowline protection
  • Fabrication and Welding Services (Exotic, and Copper) including offshore welding capabilities with CWB certified procedures and welders.
Functional Parameters:
  • Three berth with heavy lift concrete reinforced crane pads
  • Potable Water: Suitable flow and quality to meet all operational requirements
  • Drilling Bulks: 960m3 blended fluid facility under development by Halliburton
  • 360m3 fuel tank farm under construction
  • On-site Support Facilities
material handling equipment:
  • 125’ Rock Loading Surveyor System
  • 1x644k Loaders fitted with forks & hydraulic pipe clamps
  • 2×10,000 Forklift
  • 2xWorkboatds
  • 1×60’ JLG Lift
  • 1xDelivery Truck & Courier Van
  • Cable reelers up to 50Te
  • Tiger Offshore Containers
  • ROV Rigging
  • Oil Containment Boom
  • Fenders up to 5m diameter
  • Portable Welding Machines
  • 12×350 Miller Shop Welding
  • 185 Compressor
  • Mobile Welding/Fabrication Unit