Status: completed


Pennecon Technical Services Transformer team was initially contracted by Partner Technologies Incorporated (PTI) to support the initial inspection of the transformer, and personnel procurement for confined space support. Upon completion of this scope, PTS was then engaged by Hitachi Energy, formally known as ABB, to disassemble the transformer, package components for movement to a temporary laydown area, drain 50,000L of PCB contaminated oil/refill with new, set up hording to preform hot oil dry out, fabricate and source replacement components for spare transformer, dismantle and assist Hitachi Energy with the movement of the spare transformer onto existing pad, complete modifications to the transfix system and bus duct, rewire the transformer to connect with the existing protection and control devices, and perform final assembly/testing.

This scope was successfully executed by a team of professionals collectively working together on a constricted timeline over Christmas to provide the client, NL Hydro, with superior service, and quality. PTS’s long standing working relationship with both PTI/Hitachi Energy provides clients with the support they require to have their equipment energized in good working order within the agreed timeframe and cost.

Client testimonial:

“We were able to collectively navigate the obstacles and in the end the energization plan was executed without any problems. This is a testament to all the good work we had done together. Thanks for your support to enable us to successfully put this aged spare transformer in service”