We are proud to be the MegaDome distributor for Newfoundland & Labrador. MegaDome designs and constructs pre-engineered steel frame, fabric-covered buildings, and has gained extensive expertise enabling the company to offer total turn-key solutions.

Pennecon Marine, along with MegaDome, is constantly pushing the boundaries of engineering to develop the most leading edge products available today. With an expert team of managers, engineers, sales representatives, technicians and installers, we offer unparalleled level of knowledge and service to support you at every step of your project. MegaDome’s team of engineers design cost-effective, customizable, safe and durable steel structures that are tailored to the specific needs of the agricultural/aquaculture, industrial and municipal sectors. Our bold ideas and dedication to being the best we can be will continue to revolutionize our industry. We offer custom builds, supply and installation of new MegaDome buildings with over 54 currently in NL.

In the past year, Pennecon Marine has serviced many of the 54 domes currently in NL, and safely and efficiently provided the installation of 3 of the Department of Transportation’s salt storage buildings? A MegaDome fabric building is the affordable alternative to conventional buildings. Also, our buildings are available and installed for a fraction of the time and cost.