CLIENT: Nalcor

Located at the Holyrood Thermal Power Plant, owned by NL Hydro, this project consisted of site development for a 130 MW Combustion Turbine Plant. Worked included the excavation and backfill for concrete foundations and structures; mass excavation in a cut fill operation; the upgrade and construction of site roads; concrete work for 3600 CM of foundations, piers, equipment pads, walls, and slabs; construction of a new fuel containment berm for two diesel fuel tanks and the construction of a concrete fuel offloading depot.


Project Highlights:

  • 3600 CM of concrete work
  • 1215m of pipework
  • 39,500cm of excavation
  • 48,700 tons of engineered backfill
  • 800m2 of Masonry Buildings & Blast Walls
  • 175m2 of retaining wall