CLIENT: Worley Parsons
STATUS: Completed December 2014

The scope of this subcontract was to complete the Pier and Quay Remediation at the Bull Arm Topsides area which was used for the transport, storage, integration, and commissioning of the Hebron Topsides modules. In addition to this, this area was used for the lift-off of the Topsides prior to being mated with the Gravity Base Structure (GBS) at the deepwater site.

The intent of the remediation was to ensure the Topsides assembly pier structure and quay areas could support the applied loads in accordance with the requirements of the project specifications, as well as safety codes and regulations.

Project Highlights:

  • 700 m3 of concrete demolition
  • Installation of 775 tonnes of rebar
  • Installation of 3500 m2 of formwork
  • Placement of 6600 m3 of concrete
  • Installation of 23 socketed piles with a dual rotary drill
  • Installation of two Trellebord Supercone Fender Assemblies
  • 3 hectares of final site grading