Darrell Wawia

Business Development Manager, Indigenous Relations

Darrell is a Power Engineer, Red Seal Electrician and Power Lineman with 25+ years of experience within the construction/maintenance, operations and utility sectors.

His background includes a well rounded knowledge of the electrical discipline including Power and Distribution systems up to 260kv, Transmission and Distribution Utilities, Live Line Techniques, Electrical and Instrumentation construction, commissioning, testing and maintenance, and construction management. Backed by an understanding and hands on experience in power generation, mining, extraction, plant process and operations.

As a proud Anishinaabe, Darrell holds a connection and is experienced in leading Indigenous Relations and Corporate Relations teams while executing all phases of community and industry engagement throughout project lifecycle.

Darrell has developed strong ties to the community by working directly in the industry and for Indigenous communities and businesses. Recognizing and identifying barriers, developing comprehensive engagement strategies with a transparent, open communication approach to promote employment are just a few reasons he excels at business development. He focusses on capacity building, procurement, apprenticeship/trade opportunity and direct project engagement while promoting cross cultural awareness and ensures that the recognition of traditional values are met with respect.

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