Safety Commitment

We’ve built our business on active participation by everyone, every day, in every job to achieve safety excellence. We promote a zero incident policy for employees, subcontractors, property and the environment, and every employee, at every level, is responsible and accountable for our safety initiatives.

We believe sound health and safety performance is fundamental to our successful business performance, and we commit to minimizing the risks of injury or ill health to people and damage to property or business process. Our safety performance requires establishing procedures and programs, conducting training, contractor employee involvement, routine self-evaluation and continuous improvement. We strive to incorporate recognized best practices into every program, seek input from all of our resources for improvement, and evaluate the application and success of programs on an ongoing basis.

Everyone at Pennecon plays a role in the implementationof our health and safety management strategy, and we encourage every employee to perform at the highest possible level and foster continuous improvement in the areas of health and safety.